Plautdietsch word of the day: schmunje

Plautdietsch word of the day: schmunje

Pronounced: shmun-yi

What it sounds like: a spicy cheese spread

What it really means: A full lip kiss, usually given with passion and attitude, even ostentatiously. Here we see Hein planting a big one on Leina at their 40th wedding anniversary. Also, Hein’s sister Gjreita was plastering a wet one on Peita, who together were also celebrating their 40th. (They were married on the same day by Prädja Chjnals Jinta) After that, the Wiebe sisters came up to sing a few songs and faspa was served in the basement of the CMC (complete with coffee, tweibach, butta, sugar cubes and gerchji). Married life is wonderful!! …so pucker up and do some schmun-ying today!!

And for those who may be surprised, Mennonites are actually considered some of the most passionate people in the world! (although we don't like to brag about it)

Celebrate your marriage with this one of a kind Mennonite love card!

And for those who remember that first kiss "behind the barn"!


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