Plautdietsch word of the day: jeläajenheit


Plautdietsch word of the day: ne jeläajenheit

Pronounced: yi-lay-yin-hay-t

What it sounds like: a chicken that suddenly stops laying eggs.

What it really means?

Example:  Tina Banman had always had her eye on one of those cute boys from Chortitz (not that there weren't plenty of good looking boys to chase in Blumenthal). It's was just that the Chortitzers seemed to have so much more going for them.  They played instruments, went to movies and even barn dances!

One day, Tina made the trip to Penner Foods with her mother when she spotted the "man of her dreams"!  Mrs Henry Peters was also shopping at Penners' and she'd brought her son along with her. Tina knew they were from Chortitz because she had seen him once before at Neufeld's garage. And there he was right in front of her! Peter Peters, in all his Mennonite manliness! A quick glance was exchanged at the checkout counter. Sparks flew, emotions ran high!

By strange coincidence, it was drasch tiet and Tina’s father needed help on the farm. She suggested asking the Peters family for help. They just happened to have at least one strong looking son that she knew of. So it came to pass. Peter Peters came to the farm to help with baling. There was of course a problem. It seemed there was almost no jeläajenheit for Peter and Tina to be alone together......"almost" no jeläajenheit  :-)

Did our two young Mennonites find a moment to pledge their love to one another? Did the Banman and the Peters families concede to allowing their children to go out on a chaperoned date?  Did Tina and Peter sneak away in the night to take in a movie at the drive-inn?

Maybe they got married and moved to Plum Coulee? Stay tuned and find out what happened in an upcoming edition of the Plautdietsch word of the day!

Editors note: Names and places have been changed to conceal the identity of our young Mennonites of restrained passion. Any similarities, circumstances, places or names, whether Dit Iied or Jant Sied are purely coincidental.

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