Dit es uns Je'schijcht - Our Story

We are a team of fun loving Mennonites that takes our mother's wise words seriously and ourselves lightly.  Our products are inspired by the thousands of servings of kielke with schmaunt-fat, forma vorscht, rabüsi with rollkuchen, twiebach with jelly, and..... and the many words of mom's encouragement and great sense of humor which she planted deep in our hearts and minds.  While we no longer work the land like our ancestors did, our work ethics and barn humor are alive and well in these "modern times". Ha ha! 

In 2009 we published our very first humorous Mennonite greeting card "You may be a Mennonite if..." and we haven't looked back.  Some have said, “oba mensch!,. that’s what you do for a living?!”,.... but,yes.. this is what we do. And we hope the world is a better place for the laughter we bring to others.

We design, publish and produce a full line of greeting cards and T shirts that celebrate our Mennonite heritage. We are determined to show that we Mennonites know how to have fun!  And if you know Plaudietsch, you can have double the fun!

We are also determined to support the business community around us in Canada and make it our mission to buy local and spend local as much as we can. We are happy to support Canadian workers in the paper, garment and printing industry.  After all, many of our joyous experiences happen right here in Canada!

And remember, you don't have to speak Plaudietsch to have fun, but you can surely have a lot of extra laughs if you can speak it! And if you'd like to learn how to speak Plautdeitsch, be sure to see our section of Low German dictionaries!