ObaYo Greeting Cards Product Information

At ObaYo.ca, we are incredibly pleased and excited to carry the Mennonite greeting cards series by WiseCracker® 

WiseCracker® Greetings has been designing, publishing and producing very high quality 100% Canadian made greeting cards since 2010.  They are known for writing witty and humorous greeting cards that talks about people, places, moods and events in different parts of Canada.  In 2011, they introduced their Mennonite series that embraces the heritage, culture, language, food and humor celebrated by Mennonites everywhere.

Our greeting cards are printed on full weight card stock made with Canadian forestry products.  All greeting cards are matched with full weight color envelopes that also adhered to the WWF, Rainforest Alliance and Sustainable Forestry Paper Made Here's high standards.

All greeting cards are individually sealed and wrapped to maintain their conditions, as well as for your protection.