We make our products in Canada ... eh !?

Made with care in Canada,.eh!? Really?

Yes,.all of us at ObaYo™ take this statement to heart. We really do wish that Canada still manufactured garments. Those days however are long gone. Canada no longer manufactures any t-shirt garments of any kind.   However, we still source t-shirts that are made to the highest standards in the industry. Most garments today are manufactured in Latin America, Bangladesh and India. So why do we indicate “Made in Canada” on our website? Let us take you though our process.

ObaYo™ and Mennowear® are 100% Canadian owned and operated design companies. We live in Canada where we support our local economy. All of our design processes are done here in Canada. Our quality garments are sourced though Canadian owned companies. The graphics are applied by various techniques and are also done by smaller Canadian family owned companies that operate in Canada.   Once the graphics have been applied, our shirts are then shipped to our customers by Canada Post. We even chose a Canadian owned company from Ottawa for our eCommerce platform. Do you see a Canadian theme emerging? :-)   Every effort has been taken to support Canadian companies whenever possible, especially smaller family owned and operated businesses.

The paper for our greeting cards begins in the pulp mills of Ontario and Quebec. In fact, we’ve even driven past the numbered tree stand where our paper comes from!  And yes it is sustainable forestry!  Interesting fun fact; some smaller trees are cut down to allow other trees to grow bigger.   And the bigger ones are cut into Canadian lumber that finds it’s way into our Canadian homes. Isn’t that nice to know? :-) Once the paper makes its journey to Manitoba, it is cut to size by a locally owned Manitoba company. The paper is then sent to production and printed by equipment that was sourced from an independent machine company in Winnipeg Manitoba.   Now the best part! The greeting cards are sent to our customers through Canada Post and our customers send them out to their family and friends all over the world!

There are a few occasions when we do partner with reputable companies outside Canada to fulfill orders in the US and Europe. This is done only to expedite the delivery to certain customers outside Canada who just can’t wait to get our products. Rest assured, 99.99% of everything we do supports Canadian owned and operated business and local Canadian economies.

So now you know why we say,. Made in Canada eh!

So let us sing this song for you…

“From the Vancouver Island to the Alberta Highland

'Cross the Prairies, the lakes to Ontario's towers

From the sound of Mount Royal's chimes, up to the Maritimes

………..Our products are produced in Canada,..this land of ours!”