Plautdietsch word of the day: stiepa/stiepren

Pronounced: sh-tee-pa

What it sounds like: an artificial sweetener

What it really means:

Example:  Tina and John Letkeman moved to Canada and settled in the Winkler area. They had grown up in a colony near Cuauhtémoc, Mexico.  Tina was Leina's third cousin on her mother's side of the family.  Her mother's second cousin was a half sister to the Pieta Ramle-shu from Fernheim.

Leina and Hein were invited over for dinner. Hein had never seen schmaunt-fat with green onions.  He helped himself to a large portion of kielke and schmaunt-fat.  Upon his first taste, Hein realized that he'd made a big mistake.  Those weren't green onions in the schmaunt-fat! They were heete päpashoote! 

Oba mensch!  He felt like his mouth was on fire! However, Hein did not want to disappoint the Letkeman's who'd invited them for dinner.  With agonizing perseverance, he was able to finish the kielke with jalapeno schmaunt-fat. 

Upon arriving home, Hein had to stiepa himself as he slowly headed strait for the zetjreet.  He staggered into the house an hour later and said to Leina, "Ech gliev ech ha mie wot üt je'blost!" (I think I have blown something)

What it means? Stiepa: to brace oneself. 

Leina was sympathetic and suggested using kaunfetsol.

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  • Nettie (Hildebrandt) Wileman on

    Love it!!!! Been years since I have heard low german spoken and unfortunately have forgotten a lot of words, but this site brings it back!!! Thanks

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