Plautdietsch word of the day: duckadeia

Plautdietsch word of the day: duckadeia

Pronounced: dook-a-day-a

What it sounds like: a daily energy vitamin

What it really means: seesaw

 Example: Hein and Leina went for a trip to Caldwell Kansas to visit Heins’s Oom Peita. Peita Platt was Hein’s mother’s third-cousin by half on her father’s Toews side of the family. They’d moved to Kansas after things started to become too weltlich (worldly) in Wisconsin. Leina was amazed to see how wonderfully simple family life was in Kansas.   They saw familys’ enjoying time outside. “Oba mein siet ech sai,… sie hant noch en duckadeia fu de chjinga”! (My goodness,.. they even have a seesaw for the children”!)  It reminded Leina of how much fun she had growing up. “You see Hein,.. kids can still have real fun without an internet connection or iphone”!

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