Plautdietsch word of the Day

Plautdietsch word of the day: tjneiparich

Pronounced: ch-nee-pa-rich (the ch sound is like a hissing cat)

What it means?

Leina was having faspa with her cousin, the Peita Hilbront-shu in Blumenort. She was a cousin on her mother’s side of the family. John and Tina Hilbront were from the knack zoat Hilderbrands in Plum Coulee. The visit was going very well until Leina mentioned that a local clothing store was having a sale on underwear. The store was closing and everything was 50% off. Leina asked her if she wanted to come along and pick up some new underwear. The Peita Hilbront-shu looked at her with mild disdain and said, “de ool’et mut ieecht fe΄bruckt”! (She had always been very tjneiparich and insisted that old underwear should be worn out and turn into dandelion spores before she would buy a new pair) "And besides, they're too expensive even at 50% off! I can get them for 25 cents a pair when the thrift shop has bag sale"!

Tjneiparich. Cheap, stingy or unwilling to easily part with money.

"de ool’et mut ieecht fe΄bruckt" = the old things must be used up first!

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