Plautdietsch word of the day: trajchtmoaka

Plautdietsch word of the day: trajchtmoaka

Pronounced: tra-icht-moaka

What it sounds like: a tractor made in east Europe

Direct translation: one who puts correctly in place

What it really means: chiropractor

Example: Hein had spent all day in the garden digging up potatoes and putting them in 50 pound burlap sacks. Leina told him that he should rather put them in 20lb bags because they would be easier to handle.   Hein however had a stubborn streak in him and said he could easily handle the 50lb bags. However, after hauling all the bags into the basement, he realized that he had put his back out of place. A quick call was made to the Rampel-shu who was the local trajchtmoaka in Altona. A 40 minute session had Hein feeling a lot better. “Now you go home”…. said the Rampel-shu,….”en daist die met kauntfetsol en-schmeern (Go home and rub on some Rawleighs medicated ointment”) Leina couldn’t help herself from telling Hein, “see,.ech zad die”! (I told you so)




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