Frintschoft Froag: What are the most popular Mennonite foods?

We asked 200 people from Newton Kansas:  What are the most popular Mennonite foods? Here are the top 8 answers.

#1 Kielke with Schmaunt-fat

#2 Heenasup

#3 Rollkuchen

#4 Wareneki

#5 Worscht

#6 Tweibach

#7 Summa Borscht

#8 Jreewe / Cracklings

Kielke with Schmaunt-fat!  Menno survey says........#1 answer. That was the easy one.  Can you guess the other 7?  Have some fun and post your guesses!  Top answers will be revealed in the Menno Tribune as correct answers are guessed. 

Wareneki!  Menno survey says........#4 answer!

Worscht!  Menno survey says........#5 answer!

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Have some extra laughs with Mennoniten Forschen (The Mennonite Enquirer)



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  • Helen Stoesz on

    Have lost so much of my language – look forward to catching up

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