6 ways to say I LOVE YOU in Plautdietsch

We all know that us Mennonites may be a bit bashful at showing love and affection. So here are just a few Plautdietsch sayings to help you express your love on February 14th.

  1. Dien kompst borscht schmatjt mie krakjt soo goot aus miene mame äaj’t. (Your cabbage soup tastes just as good as my mothers’) A romantic way of saying that your mumtje can cook just as good as your mom!
  2. Diene tweibach lote mie oba seja schmock. (Your tweibach look so beautiful to me) A lot of effort goes into making tweibach, so give your sweetheart a compliment on how beautiful they look instead of just reaching for the butter.
  3. Du daist mie opphetzen. (you are getting me excited) It may be rare that your oomtje takes his own dishes to the sink, but this is a good phrase to use when it happens and shows him the way to your heart.
  4. Ech ha mie an rein’et hamd aun jetrocke. (I put on a clean shirt) This could be a real signal to let your sweetheart know that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level.
  5. Du best di Schmaunt-fat too miene kielke. (You are the Schmaunt-fat to my Kielke) This is more for the Menno man who really wants to say, “you know the way to my heart AND my stomach”!
  6. And lastly, the ultimate one-word declaration of Menno love; Schlapst? (are you sleeping?) No explanation needed ;-)

Remember, Feburary 14th is Menno’s Romance Day! Take some time to show your sweetheart, that you’d make the long trip to Jant Sied, just to see her….all over again!

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