Plautdietsch word of the day: prautsijch

Plautdietsch word of the day: prautsijch

Pronounced: prot-sich (the "ch" sound is like when a cat is coughing up a hairball).

What it sounds like: a degree in European studies


When Leina started work at Stylrite she was making 65 cents an hour.  Her first paycheck was fourteen whole dollars! She felt like a millionaire! She was able to keep $3 after giving the remainder to her mom and dad. 

Leina had been trying to gain the attention of one of the boys from Chortitz.  She decided to buy a new blouse to hopefully gain the attention of Johnathon Elias whom she'd met at a youth event.  So Leina used $1.75 from her first paycheck to purchase a new blouse. Her plan to get noticed worked! Johnathon definitely noticed her. Unfortunately, so did all the other boys in her youth group.  Leina enjoyed the attention and acted very "prautsijch" in her new top.  She now thought of herself like a movie star!  Johnathon was less than impressed with her new attitude and turned his attention towards Judy Klassen (Leina's best friend) instead.  Alas, Leina had learned the cost of being "prautsijch".

Johnathon and Judy married and eventually moved to Shanzenfeld.  Later Johnathon got a job in Winkler at Janzens department store.

What prautsijch means? Proud, deriving great pleasure from ones possessions or achievements.

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