Plautdietsch word of the day: auntratjent

Oom Peeta was sent to a C.O. camp near Riding Mountain during the war. He took a picture of Marie-mum before he left. It appears that the dump rake provided the perfect setting for this “romantic photo”. Oom Peeta also had a brand new Massey that he felt should not be in the photo (that would just have looked awkward). He boasted that the Massey had 48 horsepower at the belt and full hydraulics. He also said that Marie-mum was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen! (not to mention that she was willing to pose with farm implements)  I never saw Marie-mum wearing a swim suit and I don't think they actually ever went swimming because there was always too much work. They never complained though. Oom Peeta was allowed to come back home after the war ended in August 1945.

Oom Peeta's Massey before they sold the farm in Horndean.

Plautdietsch word of the day: auntratjent

Pronounced: own-tra-chent

What it sounds like: A Russian tax collector

What it means: attractive; inviting, to be drawn towards, sexually or even by way of new farm machinery.


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