New Signature Mennonite Doughnut!?!

Ok! We’re putting it out there! Would you eat the “Crackler”?. We’ve been asked to come up with a “signature Mennonite doughnut” and this is what we’ve come up with. It’s a fritter style doughnut filled with the Mennonite waffle white sauce and rolled in a fried crackles and icing mixture.

Many will know crackles (jreewe) as the Mennonite breakfast favorite which consists of rendered pork fat bits and pieces. So we thought, why not roll a doughnut in crackles!? And why stop there! Lets fill it with the famous Mennonite waffle white sauce!?   And there you have it! The Crackler!   Do you think the baker will accept our mad Mennonite creation? Have your say! (Good, bad or otherwise) Would you try a Crackler if you saw in a pastry case??

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