The famous Mennonite delicacy: Rebspäa!


The delicacy that every Mennonite knows! This was a treat that was enjoyed every fall after schwienschlachte. Pork ribs were cooked in rendering pork fat. You might say it was a Mennonite pork confit. The ribs were cooked in the lard until the meat pulled away from the bone. Today it’s very hard to find in meat shops unless you live near a Mennonite community. Would you like to make your own?! Try it! It’s easy!

Cut pork ribs in sections of 3 to 4 bones. Place in a slow cooker filled to half capacity with lard. Yes lard! No substitutes! Cook on medium setting for approximately 8-12 hours or until the meat pulls away from the bone about ¾”. Remove from lard and let cool. Serve cold, with fresh tweibach and butta. Traditional way of eating rebspäa: cut slices of pork off the bone and salt heavily (yes heavily). Serve with fresh tweibach and butta.

Remember those awesome Mennonites dishes that mom made?!  Well they ALL here in the classic cookbook that made Mennonite food famous! Makes a great gift idea for helping the younger generation to keep the food traditions alive!

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