The Ultimate Foarma Worscht!

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Have you ever heard the story of the 3 little Mennonite bears that went to grandmas house for dinner?   Grandma had 3 different kinds of foarma worscht. The bears tried all 3. One worscht was too hard, one had no smoke flavor and one was just right.

Rüak worscht (smoked farmer sausage) is made so many different ways. Some butcher shops make it so lean that you can use it for sling shot ammunition after its fried because it’s almost as hard as petrified wood! Grandma even broke one of her teeth on a piece of fried worscht! And there are other butcher shops that sell farmer sausage that have so little flavor that the pig probably just ran past the smoke house on the way to the meat store. So what happened to the wonderful moist smoky flavored worscht delicacy that grandma used to have for dinner?

The reality is, not all worscht is made equal. We’ve tried several types of Mennonite forma worscht here at the ObaYo test kitchen and we have a clear winner! The best farmer sausage that is virtually the same as that which was perfected by the Mennonites over hundreds of years,…is made by Waldner Meats of Niverville Manitoba!!   We tried preparing ours several different ways and the results were soft delicious morsels or smoky flavored goodness in each of our cooking methods. The most important thing to remember,….don’t overcook! Did I mention,.. don’t overcook?

Although we loved the worscht fried in grandmas cast iron pan,.. there is an even better and newer method (sorry grandma). We tried ours in an air fryer at 380 degrees for 20 minutes until internal temperature reached 160 degrees. And the secret to getting it perfectly moist ,... don’t cut it into pieces! Leave it intact and don’t pierce the casing! It cooks in it’s own juices and the result is moist delicious worscht every time!

So now you know,.. the absolute best worscht you will ever find is made Waldner meats of Niverville Manitoba.   Editors note; we are not paid nor affiliated with any of the aforementioned meat shops. This review is offered here simply for those who long for the great tasting rüak worscht that use to be made on the Mennonite farms of yesteryear. Now you know where to find it today!

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  • Mark Olfert on

    Pioneer Meats in Altona makes the best farmers sausage I have ever had.

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