Still looking for the "Right Reimer" in Jant Sied: Just ask Helen

Dear Helen,

I need some advice. I’m 37, (well, actually 39 and a half) single and still hoping to find the right Menno man to marry but I’m not sure how to go about searching for the "Right Reimer" at this point in my life.

I’m an old fashioned Mennonite girl. The last relationship I had was when I was 22.  I’ve met a few guys but all of them just want to bring me to meet the parents over faspa.  I don't consider that actual dating. I want a little more out of a man. I’m not asking for a lot really. He just has to be willing to get married within a year, have a nice house (about 5000 sq. ft. preferably on a 10 acre lot in Jant Sied) ) and a full time job that pays at least $85,000.00 a year (after taxes) with 3 weeks holidays.  Do you think that’s asking too much at my age?

BTW: All Jant Sied men know how to cook,..right?

Yours truly, still searching for the "Right Reimer"


Dear still searching for the Right Reimer

Would you like your man to be feeding you New Bothwell cheese curds in a meadow overlooking Jant Sied as well? Seriously though, wouldn’t every woman want a Reimer in Jant Sied  who has financial security and is willing to make a commitment within a year. Here is some advice: Try to find a man who'll take you out to dinner instead of just having faspa at his folks.  And try not to have your heart set on a Reimer.  There are lots of great Menno men out there!  So don't limit yourself to Jant Sied!

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