The Menno Tribune: Rosthern Saskatchewan Drinking vote passes 2-1!

Rosthern Mennonites voted 2-1 in favor of serving root beer in local restaurants.   Tina Plett says, "it’s about time. I mean, if kids don’t get it in Rosthern, then they'll just get it elsewhere. Why not let them enjoy a frosty mug with a burger and fries?! Nothing wrong with that!”

The Menno Tribune has learned that others are not so thrilled about the change. Erdman Klassen claims that it will only lead to other types of drinking, like RC Cola, Orange Crush and Mountain Dew. Erdman says, “our neighbor used to slip vodka into his Orange Crush. It all starts somewhere you know”.

Council announced that the new law will come into effect on August 16th, the same day that Rosthern was incorporated as a town in 1903. Residents will still be encouraged to drink responsibly. It’s all about self control, says one of the council members.

It’s gonna be another hot summer in Rosthern. So break out the barbecue, grill some varscht and enjoy a nice big tall frosty glass of beer! Root beer, that is!

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