Plautdietsch word of the day: Mejagrope

Plautdietsch word of the day: Mejagrope

Pronounced: Me-ah-grope-i

What it sounds like: a temporarily condition where one is blinded by a flash of lighting and having to grope around.

What it really means: a large kettle / caldron

schwien schlacht'ing (hog butchering) on a Mennonite farm 1948

Here we see the tedious task of pork fat being rendered in a mejagrope. It took a strong and steady arm to continually stir the fat pieces over a fire for hours at a time.

And here's the final result from hours of  rendering. Glorious pork lard and crackles!

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  • Ken Enns on

    Us children would have the job of stirring the mejagrope while the adults did other jobs. Grama always had ribs ( rebspare) in the fat. I’ve never tasted anything better since. Good memories.

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