Plautdietsch word of the day: Plaupafrät

Plautdietsch Word of the Day



What it sounds like: A strange kind of frat party

What it really means.................. 

Example: Leina wanted her brother Peita to keep a secret. On Thursday after chores, they both wandered behind the barn.

Leina pulled out her schnepledüak to show her brother a carefully rolled cigarette after which she struck a match to light it and began puffing on one end. Her brother promised not to tell anyone. As soon as they walked inside the house, Peita promptly went to their parents and said, “Leina deed hinja em schtaul schmëkje” (Leina was smoking behind the barn) to which Leina said to him, “oba du Plaupafrät!”

What it really means?  Blabbermouth

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