Menno Tribune: The Edmonton Eadshocken NHL team!?

Edmonton, Alberta

Sources say that the Edmonton NHL team may be enlisting the help of Mennonites to reclaim the success of their former glory days.  A leaked document reveals their new name as the Edmonton Eadschoken. For those who may not know, eadschocken are potatoes. A spokesperson said, “we felt that we wanted a new name that more reflected our game. And everyone loves potatoes”, he says.

The famous NHL arena has already started making changes based on the Mennonite recommendations.   The refurbished arena will be known as “Menno Place” in the next hockey season. Many remember visiting their grand parents in various homes called “Menno Place”. It seems entirely applicable in a way. “It will be completely normal if the team plays like seniors in an old folks home” says an unnamed source.

The new team colors will be black and white or navy and white. So hockey fans can get ready to knack some serious sot in Alberta with the new Edmonton Eadschocken!

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