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By: Stephan Heoppner, Alymer Ontario for the Mennonite Enquirer

Aug. 02,2021

For most of her life, Nettie Giesbrecht led the life of an unassuming homemaker and devoted wife in a quiet neighborhood in Alymer Ontario. Like many Mennonite housewives, she started cooking from the Mennonite Treasury shortly after getting married in 1969. She enjoyed making all the favorites for her family; kielke, wereneki, kompst borscht, rollkuchen and many more. But there was one favorite that her family and friends just could not get enough of,…and that was her waffles and white sauce. Was it the waffles? No, it was the white sauce. When asked why her white sauce tasted so much better than any others in the community of Alymer, she simply replied, “it’s just the recipe from the Mennonite Treasury”. But Nettie was hiding a deep secret. There was more to her recipe than just those ingredients listed in the Mennonite treasury. For years she kept quiet. Now in an exclusive interview by our reporter in Alymer, Nettie says it’s time to reveal her secret after more than 40 years!

 We caught up with Mrs Giesbrecht, now age 77, in a quite suburb of Aylmer. Ontario.  Our reporter’s first question was simply, “why,.. why did you keep this secret to yourself for all these long years”. “I never really intended to keep the secret ingredients to myself, I just wanted to make mine a little different than the Treasury”. “Over time, everyone just kept telling me, “this is the best white sauce I’ve ever had on my waffles”. “So if I have to answer why,… I guess it just went to my head”. “So I decided to keep the added ingredients to myself”.   When asked if anyone suspected she was hiding this secret, Nettie replied, “no!…nobody ever suspected, not even Mrs. Cornelius Lepp who is usually very nosy and is suspicious of everybody”. “But it’s time. I need to tell everyone”. With a twinkle in her blue eyes and a smile on her face, Nettie told us; “add 1 can of sweet and condensed milk, 1/4 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp nutmeg to the recipe on page 16 of the Mennonite Treasury and it will turn out just like mine”. And with that, more than 40 years of secrecy came to an end. How do you feel now?, we asked. “Good!”, Nettie exclaimed. “It feels good”.

In our exclusive Mennonite Enquirer interview, Nettie Giesbrect gave up her secret recipe for waffle sauce. We made it here at our ObaYo test kitchen and we have to report that it tastes as amazing as her many friends in Alymer raved about,… the best white sauce for waffles that you’ll ever taste!

Here now, is the recipe from the Mennonite Treasury. Remamber to add one tin of sweet and condensed milk, 1/4 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp nutmeg !

As for the Mennonite Treasury,…it’s still available!





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