The Mennonite Enquirer has just learned that the government has finally reversed its decision on mandating socks with sandals. Beginning July 1st, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario will be removing all restrictions on the use of socks with sandals. It's expected that the other provinces will also remove restrictions as well.  The decision of those who decide to continue the use of socks with sandals will be a personal choice. Experts from the CBC say that we need to be sensitive and supportive of those who still prefer the use of socks with sandals.  Studies have also shown that people who wear sock with sandals are 7 times less likely to get ingrown toenails. 

The reaction to the government’s decision seems mixed. “I just feel safer when I’m wearing sock with sandals, especially when I’m in the car by myself”, says Judy Ginter from Winkler Manitoba. Cindy Klassen claims, “I’ve been wearing socks and sandals for so long that I now feel naked if I go barefoot in sandals. Mrs. Henry Braun says, “I was worried this day would come. Now I’ll have to look at Jacob Dueck’s bunions and corns again when I go for faspa at funerals”.

Still others have decided to take a “slow phase in approach” by using only one sock and then gradually removing the other sock when wearing sandals. Peter Penner from Altona has mild views on the issue. “I’m ok with the mandates being lifted I guess. Now I’ll just have to cut my toenails more often” he says. And then there are those who are already going without socks in sandals with joyous and carefree abandon, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Woodstock in 1969. Martha Siemens says, “I proclaim this the summer of free foot love”!

However, restrictions on air travel will stay in place. Planning on flying to Abbotsford to visit frintshoft?  Keep a pair of socks with you to put on before check-in or you'll be refused boarding. 

So there you have it. The Mennonite Enquirer joins with Martha Siemens to indeed proclaim this, “the summer of free foot love"!

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