Romance and unbridled passion in a Mennonite house-barn?! A couple from Landmark is tying the knot and heading to the barn!

By Frank R. Peters, Landmark Manitoba, for the Mennonite Enquirer Aug 07,2021

Jessica Toews and Ron Plett of Landmark Manitoba plan to spend the first 7 days of their honeymoon in an original Mennonite house-barn in yant sied. The young couple says they’re going all the way, giving up their iphones and all modern conveniences to experience a taste of married life, similar to that of their great grandparents. Our reporters asked them if they had any concerns. “No,.not really,..well maybe one. I guess it would have to be the whole toilet thing,..but other than that,.. we’re totally good with whatever happens”. We’ll be like…. the first Mennonite pioneer lovers who came to Canada!” says Jessica. “I mean,…my great grandparents lived in a house-barn after they got married.   There was probably only dial up Internet and no pizza delivery or anything back then. And they managed to have,..like,….14 kids! So,. ya,..we’re totally doing this. It’s exciting!”

Our reporter tried to dig out the exact location that the couple has chosen for their first night of passionate Mennonite romance. “We’re only saying that it’s a house-barn located somewhere in-between Plum Coulee and Altona” says Ron. We don’t want our first night spoiled with curiosity seekers and media attention.  After all, we're not going to be just playing knipsbrat and having meddachschlop,..this is our honeymoon!”

It’s this reporter’s opinion that curiosity seekers and no toilet will pose the least of their concerns of a honeymoon night spoiler. The Mennonite Enquirer has just learned that the couple has requested that the barn be filled with livestock and that the living conditions provide no more than could be expected in1897. Can love endure its’ first test in a Mennonite house-barn? Will the keilke with smaunt-fat over candlelight dinner bode as well when the cows start mooing and the horses can be heard farting on the other side of the gank? Find out in an upcoming edition of the Mennonite Enquirer.


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