Oba Yo Test Kitchen Original: POPCORN FARMER SAUSAGE!

A recipe inspired by our travels in China.  Popcorn worscht!  This is one dish that we did not find in Beijing :-)  It's an Oba Yo Test Kitchen original! It's quick, easy and seja scheenschmakjent!  Give it a try!


A worscht (I like Walnder worscht from Niverville, Manitoba) 2 eggs, cornstarch, flour, onion powder, salt and pepper, a dash of paprika if you have and lard or cooking oil for frying (we Mennos prefer lard :-)

Cooking instructions:

Chop the worscht into small pieces (slightly bigger than real popcorn).

Dust generously with cornstarch so that they are completely covered.

In a bowl, beat eggs and add worscht pieces. Make sure all pieces are completely covered in egg wash.

In a separate bowl, mix about a cup of flour with a few tablespoons onion powder, a teaspoon of paprika, salt and pepper to taste. Add the egg washed worscht pieces into the bowl of flour and spices.

Make sure all the pieces are thoroughly tossed in flour mixture. Heat a cup of lard in a wok to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. (no hotter than 330 or the batter will get too brown before the inside is cooked) Fry in small batches. They only take 2-3 minutes per batch. Don't overcook or they will become hard instead of crispy.

We tried them with sour cream and also sweet chili sauce. Both schmak seja scheen! Would also be great with sweet and sour sauce. Hard-core Mennos would probably prefer them with schmaunt-fat :-)

Martin Yan say: "Menno man who compliment mumtji about cooking, live long life".

Here are some of the dishes we had in China.

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