Plautdietsch word of the day: schloare

Plautdietsch word of the day: schloare

Pronounced: sh-low-a-ri

What it sounds like: a slow moving vehicle

What it really means: a Plautdietsch slang term for thongs or sandals

Mennonites have no plans of challenging the current socks and sandals mandates in the United States. Experts say that it’s too soon to allow foot covering to be removed. “We all look forward to the day when we can once again enjoy bare feet in our sandals and thongs. Now is just not the time. We have to follow the science”, say experts.

Mennoniten Forscen has learned the vast majority of Mennonites support the feeling of their feet going commando in their sandals. There are however holdouts. Judy Wiebe of Wichita Kansas says, “I’ve worn socks and sandals my whole life and I totally agree with the government that we need to keep our feet covered”! If you let people do what they want, they might even go barefoot and that's flaunting nudity!  And how would that look?!”

John Hilderbrand of Harrisonburg Virginia says, “I’m ok if they keep the foot coverings in place a while longer. This way I don’t have to clip my toenails as often. Although admittedly, I do go through more socks and my washing detergent bills have gone up.

Erdman Penner who lives in Sommerfeld said he is quite excited about the widespread use of thongs after the mandates come to an end. Although, we’re not sure if Mr. Penner is familiar with the two versions of thongs.


The Biden Administration suggests going to a gradual plan of foot freedom. “If we all stick with our current mandates, we may be able to lift some restrictions and have some States open to wearing one sock (when wearing sandals) on a foot of their choice by summer. Experts went on to say that all US citizens will even be given the choice of color in this new “one sock policy”

Here we see someone trying to skirt current regulations by wearing fake "sandal socks". Biden has commissioned his ministry of truth to investigate. 

The US government says, “it’s doing what’s best for everyone. If you try to do things too quickly, there could be terrible consequences. Society is just one step away from scrapping sandals and socks altogether and going barefoot! Is that the legacy that we want to leave for future generations?”

The summer of 2022 is currently being dubbed the “one sock summer”. The President could not be reached for comment.  His office did however have some advice for the people of the United States;  "look after your corns and bunions and you'll be rewarded".  With that, we see the amazing leadership of US President Joe Biden.

So, it appears that the United States has a great "one sock summer" to look forward to. Mennoniten Forschen will keep you posted on the latest restrictions and any news about the new socks and sandals mandate.

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