Plautdietsch word of the day: oppsate

Plautdietsch word of the day: oppsate 

Pronounced: up-sa-ti

What it sounds like: a type barbecue grilling style. What it really means?


Every harvest season, Erdman Wiebe and his brothers made the long trip from Blumenhoff to Herbert Saskatchewan.   Each of them had an opportunity to make $2.00 a day plus accommodations (a place in the barn to sleep including daily meals). Their job was “oppsate”. It was exhausting work in the burning hot Saskatchewan sun.   The wheat had to be cut in order to dry and then sheaves were tied and “stood up” in preparation for threshing. The job always seemed dreary and endless, except this year! Why?  

The threshing outfit owners had noticed that the work went a lot quicker when there where a few young ladies placed in each row to help in the process. This year, the Thiessen girls from Swift Current came to help out. Suddenly the process of “standing up” the sheaves was a lot more enjoyable for all the young men :-)

Oppsate is also a term used for setting the table.


This weeks Mennonite recipe. Cherry Perishky Click on image below for recipe.

Here a great card for someone who appreciates Mennonite dishes :-)

Would you like to learn more Plautdietsch? The ultimate low German dictionary ever published is still available.   This amazing dictionary is the most complete reference of a language that was only used verbally for almost 500 years. Professor Jack Thiessen undertook the immense project of putting together a definitive and comprehensive dictionary to preserve this unique language. It makes a great gift for the younger generation who would like to learn and understand the spoken low German language of their parents and grandparents.   It also makes a great gift for those who have forgotten many of the unique words and Plautdietsch phrases that have been used by Mennonites in the past 5 centuries. Order your copy and enjoy Plautdietsch like never before!

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