Plautdietsch word of the day: fe'preml't / premlich

We we never sure why Oom Peeta and Leentje-mum were the way they were. As kids, we always dreaded the words, "we're going to Altona to visit Oom Peeta and Leentje-mum".  They we good enough people I guess but they were always very fe'preml't.  I felt sorry for them because they were very old. Maybe they were that way because they had a hard life. I think Oom Peeta was born in Russia.

Faspa was always the highlight of the visit.  A prayer, tweibach, butter & chokecherry jam took the edge off of the seemingly endless depressing visit.  It also helped that groomame lived with them and she was always loving and kind. She'd give us Fresca orange soda and 10¢ for washing the dishes.

The photo shows Oom Peeta and Leentje-mum with their brand new 1950 International Harvester truck.  Oom Peeta always bought brand new farm trucks. Only the best!  It seemed odd to have new a new truck when their furniture was a hundred years old. I sure miss them now. I also miss the tweibach which I would layer with butta and chokecherry jam.

fe'preml't / premlich

Definition: grumpy, sullen or ill tempered

Kjenn jie noch Plautdietsh?

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