Plautdietsch word of the day: aunjeschmäa't

Plautdietsch word of the day: aunjeschmäa't

The situation: Jacob Rempel felt that he had been a bachelor long enough and decided on a mail-order bride. He thought that this might be the one time that he shouldn’t bargain shop and so he decided on the best available option. However, instead of a the bride that he expected, he only received the ladies girdle that was pictured on page 177 of the Eaton’s catalog. (and not the woman that he was expecting). For a brief moment, he thought that this was a clear case of false advertising.

Used in a sentence: Jacob haud sich eeint aunjeschmäa't.

What it means:  Having dupped / fooled oneself.  Not what was expected in any given situation. 

(Jacob sent the girdle back to Eaton's and received his full refund of $3.98 which he promptly deposited back into the Credit Union). Ultimately, Jacob felt that he'd get a better return on his investment by leaving his money in the bank (based on compound interest at 2.75%).

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