Plautdietsch phrase of the day: See schtem’de seja goot!

Plautdietsch phrase of the day: See schtem’de seja goot!


Example: Leina and Hein were always gentle in the way they spoke to each other. Hein was originally from the Sommafelda and Leina was from the Bergthaler but they always tried to find the good in what they shared instead of differences. Hein complimented Leina on her first batch of tweibach when they got married, even though they were as hard as a baseballs. Leina shared Hein’s joy of working on old tractors even though she really didn’t find anything interesting about greasy old machinery. And when Hein and Leina were presented with something they couldn’t agree on, they opted for silence instead of arguments. 

Today is Sunday. And today, you’ll probably find Leina and Hein enjoying time together (probably out for a Sunday drive, after which they’ll likely stop off at the ice cream stand) See schtem’de seja goot!

What it means?   Derived from the word “schtem” (a tone) in harmony. It means to get along very well, considerately, “in tune” with each other.

Today I lift an ice cream to all the married couples like Leina and Hein, that enjoy each other while enjoying an ice cream!

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