Plautdietsch phrase of the day: Moot tou toospräakjen

Plautdietsch phrase of the day: Moot tou toospräakjen

The Tjnals Rapel’shu seemed to be one of those people who always complained. The komst borscht was always too sour. The heena never laid enough eggs. The weather was always too cold. And Peita could never do anything right. In her later years she moved to the Menno heim in Blumenort after Uncle Peita passed away.   Her grandchildren came to vist her when she moved in. Artie asked her, how she liked it in Blumenort. His grandma replied, “dot stink’t hea no en schwienstaul” (it stinks like a pig barn around here). To which little Artie replied, “don’t worry grandma, if it smells like pigs around here, that means you’ll have forma worscht (farmer sausage) sometime soon!

Moot tou toospräakjen: to encourage

Would you like to learn how to encourage others in Plautdietsch?The ultimate low German dictionary ever published is still available.   This amazing dictionary is the most complete reference of a language that was only used verbally for almost 500 years. Professor Jack Thiessen undertook the immense project of putting together a definitive and comprehensive dictionary to preserve this unique language. It makes a great gift for the younger generation who would like to learn and understand the spoken low German language of their parents and grandparents.   It also makes a great gift for those who have forgotten many of the unique words and Plautdietsch phrases that have been used by Mennonites in the past 5 centuries. Order your copy and enjoy Plautdietsch like never before!

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