Wearing sandals without socks!!? The revealing Steinbach survey

Mennonite Enquirer

Last summer, the Mennonite Enquirer conducted a survey in Steinbach to finally answer the many questions surrounding the use of socks and sandals.


Should you be conservative and cover your feet in your sandals or should you let those pigs wiggle freely in their thongs for all the world to see?!  Is going without socks in sandals considered "flaunting it"?  Maybe it's viewed as partial nudity or it's just plain scandalous?  Enquiring minds have a right to know and the Mennonite Enquirer will report all the results from our survey! 

A new survey is taking to the streets of Steinbach to see what it reveals! Some of the comments have already begun to come in. John Rempel says, “I don’t have an opinion because I don’t oggle other women’s feet,...I don't even know why they use purple nail polish on their toes anyway”.

Is it ok to wear sandals without socks when going to have faspa (light lunch) at the neighbors? What about different occasions? Weddings, funerals, congregational meetings or a first date? Another view from Oumpchji Hein Lepp in Blumenort was; “why should I be ashamed of my feet and cover them?!  I haven't had shame in 40 years and I'm not about to start now!

And then there’s the Mrs.Peita Dyck-shu who said that, “I think they should make it mandatory for everyone to wear socks with their sandals. The last time we went to a funeral and John Poetker walked in with his long green toenails, I couldn’t even eat faspa because the sight made me want to barf, which was really sad because they even had strawberry rhubarb squares!"

These are just a few of the early responses. Next, our reporters will travel to Abbotsford British Columbia, to Gnadenau Kansas and all the way to the red dusty roads of Colony Bergthal in South America.  The Mennonite Enquirer reporters will finally put a voice to the many unanswered questions surrounding the use of socks and sandals.  

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