Rare photo ca. 1895 Harms family Jant Sied (Winkler)

Rare photo of the Harms family posing in front of their home circa 1895. The image definitely indicates affluence that had been attained. The two-story house would have been regarded as a “large” family dwelling with 10 windows and 2 chimneys shown.

The family posed here in their Sunday best in Winkler Manitoba

Left to right: Three unknown "gypsies," Henry Doell, Maria Harms nee Doell. Abe Harms, Agatha Harms nee Doell, Peter Harms, George Harms, Isaac Harms, unknown, Judith Harms (Penner), Wilhelm Harms. Agatha and Maria are sisters and Abe, Peter, George and Isaac are sons of Wilhelm Harms (1842) and Judith (nee Penner). Maria Doell is holding a young child. In front of Henry Doell is a baby carriage with a young child and another child is standing beside the carriage. Agatha is also holding a young child in her arms and a boy is standing beside her.

Note: The word “gypsies” in this case would have been referring to individuals of unknown background or religious affiliation. (not “gypsies” in the sense that is commonly though of as nomads and performers)

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