Neu Bergthal School Class Photo ca. 1915 (near Altona Manitoba)

Neu Bergthal (near Altona MB.) school class photo  circa. 1915

The earlier days when Mennonite villages supported and controlled their own schools and used German exclusively as the medium of instruction.

After the community of Neu bergthal in the Municipality of Rhineland was established in 1876, school classes were held in a log cabin built in 1882. That original building was later replaced then, in 1900, by another structure that included living quarters for the teacher, on private land in the southwest corner of SW36-1-1W. Initially a private school, the public Neubergthal School District was organized formally in June 1911, by Rhineland Municipality By-Law 181. The school yard portion of land had been sold to the village in 1909 and, when the district became public, the school and yard became district property.

The Neu Bergthal school eventually adopted the government imposed curriculum after World War I.  Notice the "new" name: New Bergthal SD1594



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