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Sheer panic has set in among Mennonites as Tupperware announced that it may go out of business. The news has spread like wildfire among Mennonites worldwide. Nettie Korneslson of Altona asks, “if they go out of business, how will I get warranty?” It seems that Mrs. Kornelson’s fears are shared by many.   Annie Hilderbrand of Steinbach says, “I paid good money for those containers at the thrift shop. And now Tupperware purposely wants to go out of business so that they don’t have to warranty the ones I bought with cracked lids! If that’s the way they want to do it, I’m not going support them with my Tupperware warranty claims anymore”.   “I think we should demand that the thrift shop honor the Tupperware warranty!” says Mrs. Korneslson.

It appears that Mennonites all over the world are scrambling to get warranty before the company decides to cease operations.   A Tupperware consultant, Maryanne Toews of Steinbach says she’s been swamped with warranty calls after the Tupperware news broke. She says, “right now, I’m just try to keep everyone calm. It’s like when we heard that Penner Foods might be closing. The possibility of this actually happening is just to much to think about right now”. Mrs Toews suggested using ziplock bags until we know more. “We’re still hopeful”, she says. “You can’t let things like this get you down. It’s one day at a time right now”.

The set that my parents got on their 10th wedding anniversary.  It brings a tear to my eye to think that Tupperware might soon be gone.

Many have other concerns.   Mrs. Ed Giesbrecht of Calgary Alberta is worried that the closure of the Tupperware company might affect her yearly finances. Mrs. Giesbrecht says, “I would save at least $65 a year on faspa by going to Tupperware parties. The ladies who hosted them always served the best faspa and I could usually take home some perishky, pickles and cheese when the party was over. So if there are no more Tupperware parties, that means I’ll now have to buy my pickles and cheese! And perishky cost money to make too!”


These might be worth a small fortune now that Tupperware may be going out of business!

It appears though, that the Tupperware crisis is far from over.  Experts say it's too soon to say what long term effects this may have on the Mennonite culture, if in fact Tupperware does officially cease operations. The Menno Tribune will keep you informed as more details come in. The upside is that the Tupperware prices at the thrift shop should be coming down as warranty in the future is now questionable.

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