Batter up! Steinbach Millers Baseball Team

July 28,1961

The Steinbach Millers were inducted into the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015

Steinbach Millers (1964-1969)  -  2015 Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees
Wes Reimer, Dave Smith, Mike Mutcheson, Rick Hefford, Pete Peters, Dennis Guenther, Brian Reimer, Marv Hollender, Ernie Hollender, Alvin Schmidtke, Glen Schmidtke, Ralph Rempel, C.P. Hiebert, Ray Rosner, Ed Klassen, Wally Rempel, John Schultz, Ron Funk, Ryan Rempel, Harry Steingart, Earl Kreutzer, Ralph Friesen, Peter Rempel, Dennis Fender, Rob Smith, Richard Hildebrandt, manager Jonas Goossen

Back row - Peter Rempel, Ray Rosner, Brian Reimer, Ron Funk, Harry Steingart, Earl Kreutzer Front row - Glen Schmitke, Alvin Schmidtke, Marv Hollender, Ernie Hollender, Maria Fender, Ralph Friesen, Ed Klassen,


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