Penner Motors Steinbach in the early 60s

Penner Motors Steinbach in the early 60s.  Note the "space age" observation deck (center right part that says "used cars used trucks").

Better view of the observation deck during an auction of used cars in 1955.  Interestingly, no one is on top of the observation deck.


Mennonite puffed wheat cake. The ultimate faspa treat!

You’ve never heard of Menno puffed wheat cake?! This Canadian Mennonite treat was the highlight of many a Sunday faspa. So it’s Canadian, eh? That’s right! This faspa food tradition actually began in Red Deer Alberta Canada and was first made by a candy maker by the name of Alan J. Russell.  Although not “invented” by Mennos, it quickly became popular with thousands of Mennonite housewives across the prairies. It became the quintessential faspa treat!

So why was it so popular among Mennonites? This sweet treat was cheap, quick and easy to make. Just the kind of recipe that you needed when you suddenly found out that jast were coming for faspa.

Here's Taunte Leina's puffed wheat cake recipe that she always made for jast and special occasions.  It's best to let it sit for at least 2-3 hours before cutting into squares.  Make a batch!  You never know when jast might show up! :-) And puffed wheat cake is a lot sheeper to make than it is to buy Little Debbie Cakes!


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