Penners Waffle Shop

You made the trip to Steinbach to buy a new Chevy,..and go for waffles?!

“Ok, I’d like to add air conditioning, electric windows, am\fm cassette and….a side order of waffles and white sauce”. How about those waffles at the Waffle Shop at Penner Chev!? Sitting upstairs with a bird’s eye view of traffic along the #12. The Waffle Shop has now also passed into the “Vintage” domain of legendary Steinbach businesses that are now closed, but you can still think back to the days when you could order a loaded ’91 Caprice and get waffles and white sauce at no extra charge.




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  • Carina on

    That’s funny. The waffle Shop was my first job back in 2006 just before penner chev closed. Always cherish the opportunity I had to work there and learning so many recipes.

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