The Wonders of Farmer Sausage Just Never Ends!

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The Mennonite version of Surf and Turf (Crab and Worscht)

We were working on a different blog, and, as usual, turn to cooking for added thoughts and inspiration.  This time we had a ring of farmer sausage, imitation crab stick, a can of water chestnuts, and mushrooms on hand.


The farmer sausage was fried and chopped up, together with crab sticks and water chestnuts (you can likely substitute with celery) and breadcrumbs were added.  There is lots of favor from the farmer sausage, sweetness from the crab sticks, and texture from the water chestnuts (or celery if you prefer).  We found the mushrooms gave too much juice, so we filled some abalone shells and added cheese.  Well, you can just imagine how delicious that was.

Hope you will enjoy this dish as much as we did!


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