The Menno Mexican Jietsküake

The Oba Yo test kitchen has created a new specialty dedicated to our many Mexican Mennos who like things with a little more heat.  We made the traditional Mennonite jietsküake and added some toppings that will have you exclaiming Oba Yo,..Arriba! Just make a batch of jietsküake and top with sour cream, fried hamburger, re-fried beans, onions, cilantro, olives, tomatoes, lettuce and shredded cheese.

From the two words" jiets (stingy) and küake (cookies) stingy cookies LOL :-)

The Mennonites have always been known as being "frugal" with money and resources.  Here's a traditional favorite called jietsküake.  They likely came to be called "stingy cookies" because it's basically fried dough! (I guess if one was too stingy to make cookies...then you'd just fry a bit of dough when baking tweibach and call it cookies :-) 

The recipe:

Simply take your favorite tweibach recipe and make jietsküake instead of buns.  When your bun dough has risen twice, pinch off a small piece and stretch to a the size of your hand. It should be fairly thin.  Fry each piece until golden brown in 375 degree oil or lard as soon as you've stretched each piece to size .  Dust with salt or sugar and cinnamon as soon as each piece comes out of the oil. So simple and so delicious!

*Note. Don't be tempted to roll out the dough and cut squares.  Each piece should pinched off and stretched thin. (Otherwise they'd turn out to be more like rollkuchen)


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