Plautdietsch word of the day: knoaren


Plautdietsch word of the day: knoa / knoaren

Pronounced: k-no-a-ren

What it sounds like:a bird species native to Brazil

What it really means? 


Hein and Lein decided to take in a late Saturday evening service. This may have been ill advised as they’d just finished dinner that consisted of baked beans, which usually did not work well with Hein’s digestive system. Nonetheless, they made it to the service by 7:00 during which time, Hein was starting to experience a fair bit of discomfort (complements of the beans). This was one time that Hein was hoping for one of Prädja Jinta’s more loud and fiery sermons, as Hein did his best to contain the pressure that was building in his stomach. Alas, this was the one time when Prädja Jinta offered more silent moments during the service, for each one to reflect upon themselves. It was during one of these long silent moments that a long drawn out “knoa-ring” could be heard which shattered the silence. It sounded like a long drawn out creaking of a door. Except it wasn’t a door creaking. It was Hein who had found out the limits of his ability to hold back a Mount Vesuvious-like amount of built up gasses.

knoaren: a creaking or squeaking sound like that of door with a rusting hinge being slowly opened / a harsh, high-pitched sound when being moved, or when pressure or weight is applied, like the creaking of a wooden boat.

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