Plautdietsch word of the day: knaup

Plautdietsch word of the day: knaup

Definition: scarce, hard to come by

Example:  Hein and Lein had though they'd made it though many difficult times when they had to do without.  They settled for prips because they could not afford coffee. They went without fuel in their car in the 70s and were forced to walk over 3 miles for their weekly thrift shop visits. And they'd lived on Mr. Noodle during the tough economic times of the 80s.  However, nothing had prepared them for seeing bare shelves during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020-2021. Times were so uncertain, that Hein was even forced to trade 20 pounds of frozen farmer sausage for a of case no name single ply!

And then there were the days without toilets!  And you though you'd seen tough times! :-)  In many Mennonite homes, the chamber pot was affectionately known as a "borscht grope" (soup pot).

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