Plautdietsch word of the day: janka

Plautdietsch word of the day: janka/ janka’t/

Pronounced: yan-ka

What it sounds like: The wife of a Russian Zhar

Example: Leina and Hein were walking through Wiens Meeble Darp in Niverville when Leina spotted a beautiful couch with matching footstools and cushions. She imaged all the nights that her and Hein could enjoy themselves on the couch while sipping yerba, cuddling and binge watching The Beverly Hillbillies. Leina looked at the couch and then looked at Hein and said, “mie janka’t daut”. Hein looked at Leina and said, “I’m going to the cradit union to get cash. They may let a bit off for cash”. Leina asked, "will you take off your dirty pants before sitting on the couch then?" To which Hein replied, "what do you think!? I change my pants once a week whether I need to or not"!

What janka means: to want or wish to have / would really like to have / to desire

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Have some fun with that special someone and say, "I love through sickness and in health...and through the effects of baked beans".


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