Plautdietsch word of the day: boschfrät

Plautdietsch word of the day: boschfrät

Pronounced bosh-freight

What it sounds like:  A South American trucking company

What it means?

Example:  After a year of marriage, Leina had pretty much accepted all of Hein's less then desirable traits and tendencies; like leaving the toilet seat up, finding his dirty shorts under the bed and toenail clippings in the sink. She felt that Hein more than made up for these shortcomings with many of his better qualities. However, one thing that Leina just could not make it past was Hein's terrible case of boschfrät.  It was bad enough to make paint peal off the walls.  She didn't have the heart to tell him and loved him just the same.

What it means? Directly translated it means "bush mouth".  Also known as bad breath, morning breath or stinky mouth.

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