Plautdietsch word of the day: Fenstatjast

Plautdietsch word of the day: Fenstatjast 

What is sounds like: a brace for a wooden fence

Direct translation: window wedding (but that's not what it means)

Example: Leina and Heins’ youngest daughter Greeta got married to Jacob Leoppys’ Peter and together they moved to their new home in Ebenfeld. They planned a fenstatjast for the following week. Everyone brought a salad while the new couple prepared a faspa of worscht perishky, sweet pickles and New Bothwell cheese. Peita insisted that no fenstatjast was complete without having a bit of “Uncle Ejtmon's hoost mersien” (Uncle Erdmans’ cough medicine”). The fenstatjast was BYOH (Bring your own hoost mersein). They waited till after prädja Tjnals Jinta left, before breaking out the celebratory beverages. A good time was had by all. There was almost a roaster full of perishky left over the next day. Peita looked at Greeta and replied, “the best thing when someone has had too much hoost mersien,.. is perishky!  And you make the best perishky that I have ever had!”

What fenstatjast really means: house warming


The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes has been the "go to standard" of traditional Mennonite recipes book for over 60 years and has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. That’s a lot of tweiback! Here’s your chance to own a copy of this beloved cookbook, which has all your childhood favorites, right down to the Roll Kuchen!

All your favorite Mennonite recipes are here!

Kielke with schmaunt-fat of course!

Waffles and that ultimate sweet white sauce! (secret white sauce recipe included)

Heena sup Yes, the same great chicken soup that mom used to make!

Tweibach   Remember pulling of the top “bun” and filling it with jam?!

Summer Borscht Ahhh... the summer greens and dill!

Roll Kucken and Raboosi! on a hot summer day! Could life be any better?!  :-)

Portzelky  Why wait for New Years?!  Make these tasty raisin filled fritters any time!

Cabbage Rolls Holubschi the way it was meant to be; with rice AND beef!

Glums Wareneki There’s only one thing better than cottage cheese perogies; blueberry filled perogies!



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