Plautdietsch word of the day: dankboa

Plautdietsch word of the day: dankboa

Pronounced: da-nk-boa

What it sounds like: a fancy scarf

Example: Leina and Hein decided to visit some of their frintshoft in Aylmer Ontario. Leina was a bit narwees (nervous) because Hein’s driving isn’t the best anymore, but they really enjoy being together and making road trips. So they packed a cooler with tweibach, cold varscht, sweet pickles, New Bothwell cheese and puffed wheat cake and headed for Alymer.

Leina's puffed wheat cake recipe.

After the long trip, Leina said that she was so dankboa to have arrived safely. She was even more dankboa to see her frintshoft in Alymer again! She hadn’t seen the Pieta Hibront-shu in such a long time.   (Sie haud sich je-bätat) Mrs. Peter Hilderbrand had gained a lot of weight from the last time she saw her. (je-betat = gained weight) The 401 traffic was terrible on the way back but Leina and Hein were dankboa when they arrived safely back home. Leina was also dankboa to get her Tupperware back from the Hibront-shu.  They left it there on the last trip to Alymer.

(BTW,..if you see Hein and Leina on the 401,..stay clear!)

Plautdietsch word of the day: dankboa. What it really means: thankful.

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