Plautdietsch word of the day: Kuckhaulse

Plautdietsch Word of the Day


Pronounced: kuk-hauls

What it sounds like: A delivery trucking company

What it really means: to gag or nearly throw up

Example: Hein went to bed as he was feeling the effects of the kompst borscht he’d eaten for supper.   Suddenly he felt bloated as if some of the borscht was fermenting in his stomach. Although regrettable, he was forced to let the noxious gases escape him. Hein’s mumpjchi woke up from the long-drawn-out noises and began to kuckhaulse after which she replied, “oba du schwein!”

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Have some fun with that special someone and say, "I love through sickness and in health...and through the effects of kompst borscht".




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