Mein mumtje foat emma aus fe’rekjt !


Plautdietsch phrase of the week: Mein mumtje foat emma aus fe’rekjt !

What it means?

Example: Mrs. Simons always insisted on driving the Dodge Challenger when her and Menno went to Shanzenfeld for their weekly task of enn'tjeepe (purchasing supplies and provisions / shopping).  Menno was always nervous because Mrs. Simons had a heavy foot and tended to smoke the tires at every red light.  He'd say, "ech dou mie maist ene bekjse wan meine mumtje foat" (I almost fill my pants when my wife does the driving).  They'd always stop in at the John Letkemans' for faspa after shopping. Menno would take the wheel for the trip back home.

Mein mumtje foat  emma aus fe’rekjt ! (My wife's driving is crazy)

Here's a birthday card for that someone special who still likes to smoke the tires like Mrs. Simons.

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