Plautdietsch word of the day: heistakopp

Plautdietsch word of the day: heistakopp

Pronounced: hay-sta-cup

What it sounds like: German cup-a-soup

What it really means? 


In keeping with our Menno Valentine’s Day theme:

Hein was finally invited to Leina’s parents for faspa for a very purposeful visit. Lein and Hein had spent many afternoons knacking zoat on the porch swing at her parents. This Sunday faspa would finally reveal the true nature of their “knack zoat” involvement. After a faspa of tweibach, jam and New Bothwell cheese,…..the word was out! Hein heard these words from Leina's parents; “well, it looks like we will have to get ready for a tjast! (wedding)  After which, Hein “scheet meist heistakopp”(almost went head over heals). Of course there would be a long wedding ceremony to endure (like all of Tjnals Jinta’s sermons) but that was ok. Hein and Lein were getting married!

heistakopp: head over heals

Go head over heals leaning Plautdietsch with the Jack Thiessen Plautdietsch dictionary.

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