Plautdietsch phrase of the day: Schmack mie oba seja scheen!

Example. Hein wanted to give Leina a compliment to show her that he truly loves her. He was also trying to make it up to her for staying out all Friday night playing knipsbrat with Tjnals Enns.   Hein says to Leina , "You make the best heena sup that I have aver had. Daut schmack mie oba seja scheen! (That (chicken soup) tastes very good!) Die lat’et uck seja schmock met dien nieet waums! (you also look very beautiful in your new jacket).  Leina was sometimes quick to anger but just as quick to forgive. The words melted her heart!  All was forgiven :-)

All you oomtjes (husbands) out there, remember to make your mumtje (wife) feel special and compliment her now and again!

Check out our new knipsbrat t-shirt! It also looks seja schmock :-)


And here's a great T-shirt for that special one who knows how to make the best heena sup! :-)

As a Mennonite man, it's sometimes hard to know what to say to your wife when you've done something wrong, leaving your dirty boots in the porch. Or on her Birthday when you want to make your her feel really special!  There are many ways to tell your mumtje how much you love her in Plautdietsch. You forgot?  Here's the most comprehensive Plautdietsch dictionary ever printed.  Get yours to find out how to make your mumtje feel seja special!

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